Download the game: (Windows)

Please play with headphones

Steps & Thoughts: (Please read after playing! 😂)

I always want to try something based on analog horrors - which I think should be interesting to look at in this internet age, so I made a simple walking simulator in Unreal.

I wanted to create a narrative way that hides all the plot constructions, and breaks them to let the player start or find out whatever they first do so within the whole map. Also, I only outlined the analog horror rules (mom’s note), made only small hints, and let the play ‘imagine’, or ‘picture’ the whole story.

Some process:

I made the room according to my friend’s room. (also my neighbor, so I get a good sense of scale of it)

WeChat Image_20220131021504.png

Almost all the assets I used are from What Remains of Edith Finch. I found that furniture style from 80s fitting the atmosphere. Some ambient is from the game Phasmophobia.

I didn’t really made any ‘punishment’ for not following the rules. I used some trigger box to make some events happen, and a random system to control the door knocking & the light. (There’s a small chance that no one will knock on the door.)

WeChat Image_20220131022507.png

(I need to prove my bluePrint skill... Too messy)